Vijayanagara Ruins Of Hampi

Hampi city in the southwest of India - one of those places which should be visited, having appeared in this country. Exactly there are ruins of the ancient city of Vijayanagara, the capitals there is powerful Vijayanagara's of the empire.

At 14-16 a century in the south of India the invincible state - Vijayanagara prospered strong and till a time. In the Middle Ages the capital of this empire, Vijayanagara city, submitted all the magnificence, beauty and luxury. Grandiose palaces and temples struck in the huge sizes, grandiosity and surprisingly beautiful furniture. Life here boiled from a dawn to a decline and again till a dawn. Overseas travelers delighted wrote about the unusual city, comparing it about grandiose constructions neither more nor less, as to monuments of Ancient Rome.

Winds of history were carried by over Vijayanagara - and here already of former prosperity remind, mainly, only picturesque, but still majestic, ruins.

But Hampi is live. From Vijayanagara constructions about five hundred monuments of the most different mission, from which about three hundred - temples here remained. Among them, and today operating, Virupaksha towering in the city center the temple, on a market square. Other surprising monument of Vijayanagara - the temple Soared, perhaps, almost unique temple on a planet with singing columns.

Sightseeings of Vijayanagara Ruins Of Hampi

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