Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat - a symbol of Armenia. At the mountain at once two histories: one - official, and the second - legendary. Both about that, and we also want to tell about another to you.

When bible Noah rescued the mankind future during the Flood, he was on the ark on Mount Ararat. From here, when water left, he went down in the Araratsky valley where lived happily with the family and from where the civilization revived. For each Armenian Ararat - the sacred mountain and a homeland symbol. The lost Homeland. It agrees at once to two contracts signed in 1921, Ararat appeared in the territory of Turkey. And now sons and daughters of Armenia need to admire only views of this most beautiful mountain grasping spirit.

Generally Ararat is two mountains. Like Elbrus, at it two heights, two tops - Big Ararat and Small which are in 12 kilometers from each other and both of them - extinct volcanoes. Big Ararat rises by height in 5165 meters above sea level, and is the highest mountain top of Turkey. Not once or twice to Ararat were undertaken the ascensions but some people tell that business this objectionable to GOD. The first on the bible mountain after Noah the German professor and scientistFriedrich Parrot with group of students rose. There was it in 1829.

Mount Ararat always caused admiration of the beauty and a stateliness. Poets and artists many times paid it a tribute in the creativity. A symbol of Armenia (Ararat and Noah's Ark are represented on the coat of arms of Armenia) and today - a subject of enthusiastic responses of the people who have visited this top.

Sightseeings of Mount Ararat

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