Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde - the area, in a southwest part of the State of Colorado where dwellings of ancient Indians of Anasazi which have mysteriously disappeared more than 7 centuries ago are located.

Settlements of Indians were found only at the end of the nineteenth century, and in 1906 this place became the national park first in the USA. In 1978 of UNESCO included Mesa Verde in the list of the World cultural heritage.

The national park Mesa Verde is on a high plateau of Mesa in honor of which received the name. At height more, than 2500 meters are the thrown dwellings of the ancient American Indian tribes which living in absolute isolation from the outside world from the sixth to the twelfth centuries and have mysteriously disappeared at the end of the thirteenth century. Their history still remains a riddle. To get acquainted with this sight it is possible in a museum where about 4400 constructions, including villages on a plateau and slopes, palaces from a stone, consisting of a set of buildings are. In the history of the American architecture they are considered as very first "apartment houses" in which could be to hundred separate rooms.

Sightseeings of Mesa Verde

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